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Rotem Rozenboim, Born on 1980, Israel. Lives and creates in Tel Aviv. Graduate of "Ha Midrasha" school of fine arts, Bet Berl, he awarded the  "Rafi Lavi" Scholarship of Excellence in the Field of Arts 2014.


His work has been shown in "HaMidrasha" Gallery (Tel-Aviv), "Moral Drepler Gallery, Musrara (Jerusalem), Hanina contemporary art space (Tel-Aviv), "Fresh paint" Contemporary art fair and other places.

In 2015 exhibit his first solo exhibition at "HaMidrasha" Gallery in Tel-Aviv.


Rozenboim create figurative painting and digital drawings. His art can be defined as intensive painting, both due to the content within it, and regarding the colors and materials.

His art depicts a gap between the colorfulness and richness of the paintings appearance, to the topics he choose to deal with, which are the unstable form of the human body, human encounters in cases of sickness, weakness and processes of deterioration, or odd, apocalyptic scenery and landscape.

Through His painting, He convey both the physical and innermost feeling  of the dissonance between life's potent flavor and the collapse of society and modern human existence.

45 Kibbutz Galuyot st

Tel Aviv, 6655031

Tel. 972-54-6735112

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